Monday, December 27, 2010

The Free Tea Party

It is the little things that will save the world. Tea may seem like something small to some people, but it can be great way to bring people together. I say let’s all start tea parties and invite strangers and spread  the L.O.V.E…..
by Marcelle Santos

Special EdnaA regular day serving tea

As soon as we spotted the FREE TEA sign,
Chris and I smiled at each other, then raced towards the school bus parked across the street. Could this be some sort of joke? Curious, we took a peek inside: there was a library, a kitchen, a bed, and a very diverse group of smiley, tea-drinking strangers. Turns out this was CouchSurfer Guisepi Spadafora's cozy little home.

A self-claimed hobo and social adventrepreneur, Guisepi is the man behind the Free Tea Party, a non-profit that cultivates community through the serving of free tea. For him, tea parties are a way to bring people of different ages, backgrounds and beliefs together - much like CouchSurfing!

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